More About Me

Principal Broker

I've been involved in the Real Estate Industry for 2+ decades and on the Central Oregon Coast for the majority of that time. Your business is supremely important to me. Never have I had a conflict of interest while negotiating on my Employer's behalf (you would be The Employer). Whether you're pondering moving in or moving on, please consider this : I'm known for overall market knowledge, co-operative relationships with other Real Estate professionals, full disclosure of all relevant information, honesty and fair play! Ask around the townes that I service; the title companies, gas station, grocery store, motel ... you'll find that my reputation is based on running a professioal business, based on the highest level of integrity. When it comes to representing other's interests in Real Estate (perhaps the most important transaction in many of our lives), my motto has always been 'the buck stops here'. I don't believe in excuses. Therefore, along with my skilled support staff, I'm compelled to provide only the best service to The Principals in each and every transaction that I'm blessed to participate in. I do everything in my power to insure seamless transitions for Buyers and Sellers alike. Please allow me to be of service to you.

We've got it all...

It's my observation that our Coastline in The Great Northwest is unsurpassed in aesthetics and affordability, plus it offers an overall excellent quality of life. Within minutes one finds Tidepools loaded up with Sea Urchins, Starfish, Sand Dollars & Agates and Old Growth Forests featuring Bald Eagles, Roosevelt Elk and other wild critters too numerous to enumerate. As the result of so many encounters with nature's wondrous critters, I know my life has been enriched beyond my wildest expectations. We're pretty sure we've discovered the center of the universe! Sometimes when we plan VACATIONS, we'll explore the beach, which is actually our back yard, or the forest... WE"RE HERE! The novelty of this place just doesn't seem to wear off; the vistas change daily and we're never bored with what we experience on our treks! I was born in San Antonio; migrated west in '62; spent my "wonder bread years" attending Jr. High through College in San Francisco. Having travelled internationally, I landed in Lincoln County via Lahaina in '91. I'm proud to present our little corner of the world to all weary travellers and seekers of serenity & solitude alike. ... not to mention great local eateries, fine art galleries, and cultural activities.


Every home sold by me or my associates at Windermere adds to a fund established to help the homeless. I am personally active in local service organizations and am grateful to have recieved the gift that comes with volunteering. We're part of a very community oreinted network of Beach Townes and Villages and at this juncture in history there're many opportunities to share with each other. Come and join us!

Invest in community

I enjoy providing service to my community, I actually consider my position, as a Real Estate Professional, an avocation, and I benefit by helping others find their desired Real Estate Investments. Other than affording our lifestyle, in this unique part of the country, my job facilitates long lasting relationships (which I value greatly) and occasional treks in the woods with my dog. I have invested in Real Estate, locally. I believe in it! I highly recommend it and hope to help facilitate your Real Estate wants & needs in the very near future!